SME Development

Many tourism projects tend to focus on the initial stages of business development such as assessment, planning and investment. Although critical first steps, such projects often lack the tools or expertise to build the capacity of local partners to actually manage and grow tourism enterprises. Without empowering local partners effectively to run a business, they often fail.

EACANTA offers program with a comprehensive curriculum that can be delivered in person or via online webinars that introduces core tourism operations principles and practices to the local staff responsible for managing the business.

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Guide Training

Local guides act as cultural and conservation ambassadors to outside visitors, and are the foundation upon which most educational and engaging tourism experiences are built.

EACANTA offers programs that teach local guide conversational English, equiping those without prior English skills to be able to converse in just 10 weeks.


For luxurious destinations, guides will also undergo etiquette and story-telling training.  

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Hospitality & Tourism Services Training

In addition to management and guides…the tourism enterprises usually require additional training and technical assistance in whatever tourism products and services they may offer. These areas include food services (restaurants, cafes), lodging services (ecolodges, ecohotels, homestays), transportation services (land and water-based) as well as crafts production.

Sustainable Tourism Criteria Consultancy

While the use of the word “sustainability” is becoming more commonplace within the tourism industry, understanding exactly how it can be achieved remains a challenge.

Through our training program utilizing the Global Sustainable Tourism Criteria, or based upon another certification program that you strive to achieve, EACANTA helps managers build the skills to implement environmental best practices in tourism destinations.