Destination Promotion

Online Presence 

With today’s consumers researching and planning more and more of their travel online, having an engaging, well-designed website and social media outreach is crucial for any travel company’s survival. To succeed online, a website must implement the necessary strategies to be found by potential clients.

EACANTA helps destinations develop an online presence through effective web design, SEO, media engagement and through partnerships with various travel platforms.


Travel Trade Marketing

For many places around the world, tour operators and travel agents are trusted gatekeepers for travellers. They maintain dependable relationships with a core group of clientele and can facilitate the decision-making process.


EACANTA views active engagement with the travel trade as a critical success element in advancing targeted visitor arrivals to any destination—and can help you strengthen existing and create new partnerships with key members of the travel trade.

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Media & Public Relations

With the speed at which news travels today, having a team of professionals to manage your brand’s public image is more important than ever before. Tourism businesses and destinations need public relations professionals that can manage media relationships, news coverage, crisis management, and more. As most leisure travel is consumer-driven, it is critical that your business or destination emerges as a top choice that comes to mind when consumers are making their travel decisions.