Naturally blessed with a rich and diverse cultural heritage, Malaysia’s festivals, food, artisans, cultural celebrations and dances are valuable assets of tourism. Through strategic investments and implementation, as well as policy support, cultural tourism can help to preserve our local heritage and adds a unique flavour to the country. 


EACANTA strongly considers cultural factors in the design and planning of our development projects. From the tangible aspects, such as architecture, interior design and decorations, to the intangible aspects, such as hospitality staff training, food choices and activities, EACANTA wants to incorporate cultural elements that make our destination unique to different parts of the world.

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Cultural Tourism Potential
Penang - Georgetown
Pasar Malam
Nyonya Beadwork
Malacca- St John Fort
Malaysian food street
Michelin Starts
KL - Sultan Abdul Samad Mosque
Kelantan - Istana Jahar