EACANTA: Promote Culture, Protect Nature
EACANTA is an Alliance formed to focus on developing tourists attractions and destinations that are of high value and low impact. We bring together government agencies, land owners, developers, hotel, homestay, F&B and airlines and other related businesses to develop tourism projects in Malaysia.

EACANTA is a social enterprise. Our earnings go to EACANTA Foundation, a trust fund that is used to develop basic infrastructures, ecolodges and eco attractions for poor, rural communities.

​ With prudent strategic planning and implementation, tourism can transform low-value land into high-value destinations, at the same time stimulating economic growth and rural development.

Eco Tourism

With climate change widely regarded as one of the world’s most pressing issues, we are rapidly approaching an era of environmental conservation and sustainable practices. This opens up a plethora of opportunities within the eco-tourism scene - where socially responsible travel is highly sought after.

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Agro Tourism

Those who grow up in cities rarely have the opportunity to visit the farms and plantations and experience firsthand how food sources and plant-based commodities are cultivated. The cultivation of crops and livestock is has been an integral aspect of Asia’s development throughout the centuries.

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Cultural Tourism

Naturally blessed with a rich and diverse cultural heritage, Malaysia’s festivals, food, artisans, cultural celebrations and dances are valuable assets of tourism. Through strategic investments and implementation, as well as policy support, cultural tourism can help to preserve our local heritage and adds a unique flavour to the country.

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Nature Tourism

Animal sanctuaries, evergreen rainforests, mangrove swamps, and pristine rivers - these are amongst the many potential nature-tourism spots in Malaysia. A refreshing alternative to conventional locations, these attractions pack immense potential for governments and companies alike. However, many natural attractions are currently poorly managed and underdeveloped.

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Destination Development
Conceptualisation, Destination Assessment, Tourism Masterplan, Conservation Planning and Route Development

Destination Management
Agricultural Linkages & Agritourism Planning, Artisan Development & Linkages, Tourist Center & Interpretation, Destination Sustainability and Business Development

Destination Promotion
Online Presence, Travel Trade Marketing and Media & Public Relations

Workforce Development
SME Development, Guide Training, Hospitality & Tourism Services Training and Sustainable Tourism Criteria Consultancy
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